The Jan. 6 Committee: An Exercise in Cinematography

By Lyndon C A Monmouth University poll showed that the July 2021 hearings of the January 6th Committee had little impact on public opinion; the largest numerical shift was that 4% fewer respondents saw Trump as directly responsible. Following the ninth televised hearing on October 13th, 2022, I remain similarly unmoved. I was hoping toContinue reading “The Jan. 6 Committee: An Exercise in Cinematography”

Why Tim Cook’s Apple befriended Trump.

By Clyde L During the latter part of 2019, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was seen as friendly as ever to the then-President Donald Trump, in what was seemed like a power play by Cook to get more inside influence on US political matters, to optimise the manufacturing costs Apple had at the time.Continue reading “Why Tim Cook’s Apple befriended Trump.”