Anarchist Aunt – Betsy Freedman – 5th March

Dear Anarchist Aunt, I am writing to you today in a seemingly inaudible rage. Why is it that those in power continue to exercise their authority, all the while being consumed by the apparently infectious disease of selective hearing, blocking out any talk of equality? I was outraged when I read women were 47% moreContinue reading “Anarchist Aunt – Betsy Freedman – 5th March”

Anarchist Aunt – Tommy Hobbes – 18th November

Dear Anarchist Aunt, I write to you today in a fit of rage, for my mother has just taken away my PlayStation, contending I am spending too much time on it, rather than focusing on my academic pursuits. Whilst I gleefully accept the legitimacy of an all-powerful, unaccountable monarchy, I will not stand for theContinue reading “Anarchist Aunt – Tommy Hobbes – 18th November”

Anarchist Aunt – Eddy Burke – 2nd July

Dear Anarchist Aunt, Today at school I got detention for not doing my homework. I told father but he said both he and grandad had to do their homework, so I should as well. Something about it creating hardworking values. I told Sally the Socialist about my predicament, and she said if I could notContinue reading “Anarchist Aunt – Eddy Burke – 2nd July”