Unholy allegiance: exploring the hard right’s infatuation with the Putin regime

By Tod M In the weeks following the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, a vast quantity of analysis has gone into how European and American hard right figures have responded to Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine. From Marine le Pen’s disavowal of a regime that was once her benefactor, to Tucker Carlson’s doubling down onContinue reading “Unholy allegiance: exploring the hard right’s infatuation with the Putin regime”

Xi Jinping: A Brief Introduction

By Ameya P When the average person thinks of Xi Jinping, there is a noticeable similarity amongst the ideas and themes that are associated with China’s paramount leader. Perhaps words like ‘authoritarian’ or ‘censorship’ immediately spring to mind. There might be truth in these characterisations of Xi, and one could reasonably argue that his pastContinue reading “Xi Jinping: A Brief Introduction”

Codified constitution: a remedy for UK democracy?

By Rameen P In recent years, calls have grown for the UK to adopt a codified constitution. Having a single document where fundamental laws and the overall political system are explained would reduce the need for conventions, outline how power is distributed, and arguably better protect our rights. Although many of the dangers a codifiedContinue reading “Codified constitution: a remedy for UK democracy?”

Why Tim Cook’s Apple befriended Trump.

By Clyde L During the latter part of 2019, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was seen as friendly as ever to the then-President Donald Trump, in what was seemed like a power play by Cook to get more inside influence on US political matters, to optimise the manufacturing costs Apple had at the time.Continue reading “Why Tim Cook’s Apple befriended Trump.”

The story of Smethwick 1964: Britain’s most racist election

By Wilkie D In the 1964 general election, the incumbent Conservative government was ousted by the Labour Party. The incoming Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, won with a wafer-thin majority of four. However, one constituency bucked this trend. The constituency of Smethwick, a suburb 4 miles west of Birmingham city centre, voted for the Conservative candidateContinue reading “The story of Smethwick 1964: Britain’s most racist election”

Oh Not ANOTHER Scandal!

By Ivan A The Profumo Affair of 1963 is one of the most well-known political scandals in British history. Secretary of State for War, John Profumo, was accused of having an affair with British model, Christine Keeler who was also simultaneously having an affair with Soviet spy, Eugene Ivanov. Profumo was brought before the HouseContinue reading “Oh Not ANOTHER Scandal!”

The Road to the Sun – The Japanese interwar period

By Isadore H A bright future was expected for Japan after the First World War: significant economic growth pushed forwards liberalisation and an opening to the outside world. Japanese modernism captured the spirit of Japan in these transitional years: bold, flowing and exciting. Yet, by 1938, Japan had descended towards a totalitarian military dictatorship ruledContinue reading “The Road to the Sun – The Japanese interwar period”

Is Kagame’s style of governance in Rwanda justified?

Charlie W In a time of increasing foreign attention and prosperity in Africa, Rwanda is seen by many as a symbol of such growth, and with the newly proposed British refugee plan being picked up in all parts of the media, the country has been put under the spotlight more than ever. Despite its complexContinue reading “Is Kagame’s style of governance in Rwanda justified?”

Johnson and His Government are Damaging British Democracy

By Grey G Consistently throughout his reign, Boris Johnson has ignored and undermined democracy. At the end of August 2019, through the use of his royal prerogative power, he advised the Queen to prorogue Parliament for five weeks in a blatant attempt to prevent MPs from fulfilling their constitutional functions. Parliament is usually adjourned atContinue reading “Johnson and His Government are Damaging British Democracy”