Was Queen Elizabeth a powerful political force?

By Alex B After news broke of the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September the 8th shockwaves were sent around the United Kingdom and to many parts of the world. Many in Britain and elsewhere would have found it near impossible to imagine a world without the long-reigning monarch after a historic 70-year reign.Continue reading “Was Queen Elizabeth a powerful political force?”

Anarchist Aunt – Tommy Hobbes – 18th November

Dear Anarchist Aunt, I write to you today in a fit of rage, for my mother has just taken away my PlayStation, contending I am spending too much time on it, rather than focusing on my academic pursuits. Whilst I gleefully accept the legitimacy of an all-powerful, unaccountable monarchy, I will not stand for theContinue reading “Anarchist Aunt – Tommy Hobbes – 18th November”

ORDER! – Edition 3 – 5th November

This week’s edition covers the actions of the new Prime Minister as well as the Scottish Independence campaign. PMQs 26th October Wednesday 26 October 2022 was a highly important day for Rishi Sunak and the Conservative Party. Fraught with instability, the Commons, and the wider public, needed to see whether he could unite his partyContinue reading “ORDER! – Edition 3 – 5th November”

The Finnish Question

By Isadore H. Finland has long been an icon for neutrality within Europe, alongside Switzerland. It wouldn’t be uncommon to hear of the ‘Finlandization’ of countries; a push for certain states to be more neutral on the European stage. For example, people called for the ‘Finlandization’ of Ukraine in the period leading up to theContinue reading “The Finnish Question”

The History of the Russia-Ukraine War

By James T. Ukraine means ‘borderland’. This name has particular relevance in the nature of the long-standing conflict in Ukraine. One need only look at history, and the conflict that has been going on in and around the country to realise that what is occurring today has its roots deep in the last two centuries.Continue reading “The History of the Russia-Ukraine War”

The Alt-Right Pipeline: A Silent Killer

By Mokareoluwa A. At a Tops Friendly Market store on a quiet Saturday morning in Buffalo, New York, on the 14th of May 2022, the world once again saw a repugnant, destructive display of the lethality that so often and so harrowingly accompanies alt-right ideology. Black people were targeted, hunted, and mowed down in aContinue reading “The Alt-Right Pipeline: A Silent Killer”

Storegga – The 8000-year-old wave that shapes British politics

By Oliver A. Britain has not always been an island. For most of human history the area now known as Great Britain was attached to Europe as a peninsular. 8000 years ago, a tsunami, called Storegga, broke the land-link between England and France. Megan Lane in a BBC article titled ‘The moment Britain became anContinue reading “Storegga – The 8000-year-old wave that shapes British politics”

‘There is insufficient agreement within feminism for it to be described as a single political ideology’. (LBP Winner 2022)

By Lyndon C. It would be a mistake to try to describe feminism as a single political ideology, given the various branches of feminism that the term encapsulates, from intersectional to Marxist. Clearly evident from such diversified credos, feminism includes a spectrum of ideals (as all umbrella political ideologies do) that prioritise different aspects ofContinue reading “‘There is insufficient agreement within feminism for it to be described as a single political ideology’. (LBP Winner 2022)”