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The Manifesto

Dear Electorate,

We understand you have better things to be doing than trawling through the news trying to keep your eye on the political ball, so we have decided to do it for you. The Speaker, Eton’s first politics magazine, promises to keep you entertained with brilliant reads from the satirical anarchist aunt column, to exclusive interviews and regular updates from Westminster enclosed in ‘Order!’. But there’s more, at the speed the Tories are churning out Prime Ministers, we are churning out boy written articles for your pleasure.

If you want to get involved in writing these articles, please email: thespeaker@etoncollege.org.uk.

To pinch the wise words of the Chronicle: We want you to write for the magazine. If you feel passionately about a certain area, or just want to boost the CV, we are happy to take your articles.

Our attempt to engage the school politically, start conversations, and allow boys to write freely outside the confines of a syllabus has culminated in this. So, we really do hope you enjoy all that is on offer here.

The Editors-in-Chief

Meet the Team


Ivan A

As the co-founder of the magazine and resident Secretary of Eton’s Political society, Ivan is the man with his finger on the pulse on all matters political. His interests include politics and national identities of non-independent territories like Gibraltar, the evolution of democracy and constitutional debates. When he’s not researching or critiquing the current state of politics, Ivan can be found busily composing or in some corner of the Farrer.

Oli A

As the other co-founder of the magazine, Oli finds the ethics of politics and political theory of particular interest. As Thatcher once said, ‘I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil’. He is fascinated by the morality of affairs from Westminster to the Middle East in particular. When not tending political study, Oli can often be found on the side of a cricket pitch mulling over his latest single digit score.


Ameya P

Ameya’s primary interest lies in political philosophy, particularly in the concepts of liberty, civil disobedience, and the application of ethical and philosophical principles to social issues. As an ex-Hong Konger and A-Level Chinese student, he is fascinated by Chinese politics and economics and enjoys exploring the connection between politics, philosophy and economics through his studies and extracurricular pursuits. In his free time, he plays the trumpet and drums and enjoys reading and writing about different forms of literature.

Alex B

Alex has been running the interview section of the magazine that looks to better understand differing opinions on a variety of topics. He has a particular interest in the influence of the media and it’s role in politics and wider society. His interests also lie with Parties, MPs and Parliamentary Politics in the UK. He hopes to one day have more influence in British politics.

Lead Writers

Angus W-G

As the common adage goes: “Variety is the spice of life” and therefore Angus is often known for being the member of the team “most likely to burst out in praise of socialism”. Other than the likes of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, he is interested in the (mis) happenings of Westminster and the application of political theory in the real world. He is also an avid actor as well as a keen reader, spending most of his time in the library or theatre.

Grey G

Grey is a Lead Writer as runs the Order section of the Speaker. He is most interested in political philosophy as well as international relations with a focus on the Middle East. Grey studies Politics, History, Economics and Maths for A level and Arabic off timetable.


Fursey F

Jamie T

Tom B

Jamie C